Talk with Moha from Qalqilya

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In this post I give the word to Moha, a young Palestinian from Qalqilya in the West Bank, not far from Tel Aviv. Right now he is living in Malaysia, where he is studying for a Master in Computer Engineering. I have asked him about his views on various issues connected to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It will be possible to ask him questions, but they will need to be in English. I hope that you will appreciate that he has taken time to answer my questions and accepted to spend some time on my blog.

And please refrain from personal attacks, whether you agree or don’t agree with somebody in here. Thanks:o)

So, Moha, what do you think about the situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis?

About the situation between Palestinians and Israelis, I think politicians (on both sides) have personal interest in this war. They feed the hate between us to drive us to this war. What complicates the situation is the misunderstanding between Israelis and Palestinians, for example, if you ask a Palestinian person “why do you hate Israelis” he will say “because they hate us”, you will get the same answer if you ask an Israeli “why do u hate Palestinians?”. But if you ask them “why do u think they hate you?”, he will say ” I don’t know, maybe it’s their religion” …

Palestinians think that all Israeli people are Shass (a political rightwing party in Israel), and all Shass people are extremists. They think that Israelis are dancing after the last war in Gaza!!! I know this is wrong but that’s what they think. Israeli people think that Palestinians voted for Hamas because Hamas kills Israelis. That caused hate from the Israeli side. Palestinians voted to Hamas for 3 main reasons:

1) Fatah caused a HUGE financial corruption. You can’t imagine how huge the amount of money that have been stolen is, so people needed a change… This is the main reason of voting Hamas.

2) You can say that 20% of the Palestinians who voted for Hamas, did this to force them to join the political movement instead of terror, when you are a government you have new responsibilities. You need to feed you people, you need to provide salaries to employees, and so on. You can’t do this without accepting the Palestinian-Israeli agreements… but Hamas was rude enough to ignore these responsibilities…

3) A lot of Palestinians consider Salam Fayyad, Dahlan, Jebreel Rojoub… and many other Fatah leaders as spies for USA and Israel…

Palestinians also misunderstand Israelis when they vote for a conservative Israeli government.

What are your views on Israel and the Israelis?

About my views to Israel.. I am a Muslim, we believe in the existence of Israel. Israel is a profit, it doesn’t matter what we call it “Palestine or Israel”, the flag doesn’t matter too because it has been drawn by British and French politicians after they drew the borders in Middle East and Africa. Patriot feelings is love and memories that ties you to the place, not to the borders drawn by the British government. I can easily accept a democratic nation where Jews, Muslims and Christians live in peace, whatever that country is going to be called, whatever the flag is going to be, a country where everyone has the right to vote.. If that country was Israel… cool !!

I don’t have memories in Haifa, so why should I have ties with it? If I was living in Haifa before 1948, and someone came from Germany and threw me out, then I would not accept his right to live there, but after 60 years, new generations has been born there. They have ties and patriot feelings to Haifa. My grandsons wouldn’t have these memories and ties, so they should accept their right to exist there.

We are all the sons of Adam, Arabs and Jews are the sons of Ibrahim (or Abraham), we both believe in King David, we both believe in King Salomon, this land is for us both, we both forgot our religions, Muslims forgot that Prophet Muhammad (as) would be a solder in King David’s army if he lived at that time. They forgot that they are also descendants from Jews, and the Jews forgot that we are also Jews and Semitics. Who should rule this place? It’s so easy, elections …

What do I think about Israelis? I think they are victims just like the Palestinians… But I believe that Israelis are more educated, have a better financial situation, so I also think that Israelis should be more open minded than Palestinians. I think that Israelis should be careful when they expect a huge Palestinian move to peace, they [the Israelis] should be the initiative of peace. I know that it’s not fair, but we need to sacrifice.

Palestinians think that they [the Israelis] hate them, tell them that you don’t !!! It’s not hard, all we need is CONNECTION… make friendship with Palestinians, clear your points, I’m sure you can make a big change…

I don’t agree with what the Israeli government does, in the West Bank or in Gaza, it just causes more hate between us, but I understand that the Israeli government does this for the safety of the Israeli people, but few Palestinians understand this. in the last Gaza attack (or defensive attack), a lot of Palestinian civilians have been killed, a lot of children have been killed. Israelis blame Hamas for this but Palestinian don’t. These children who survived the last attack will not be peaceful at all, they will be Hamas soldiers… the last attack didn’t save Israel, it will harm Israel in the future…

When it comes to the Israeli Arabs, I hope they will stay friendly with Israeli people.

So, what about your views on Palestine and the Palestinians?

My views of Palestine? I love Palestine 🙂

About Palestinians.. There are big differences between Gaza and West Bank. For example, in Gaza people are poor and ignorant. Most of Hamas soldiers were workers in Israel, they didn’t have a chance to make a living. If their financial supporter asked them to hate Israel they will, if they asked them to love Israel they will … A better financial situation there will help a lot to make peace…

In the West Bank, financial situation is good, the people who have been mostly affected by the war are the ones who used to work in Israel. These people merged with Israelis, they have a lot of Israeli friends, they don’t hate Israelis… Most of people here hate Israel but not Israelis… Israeli soldiers used to call my home town “Kfar Shalom”… Israeli people sometimes enter Qalqilya illegally. One day I met one of these people and I told him how dangerous this might be. He said “you are 23 years old, I know Qalqilya from 30 years ago, I know Qalqilya more than you, I used to come here every weekend and I will never stop doing this”. Qalqilya is one of the poorest and least open-minded cities in West Bank. It’s supposed to be an extremist city, but it’s not because its 12 Km away from Tel Aviv and people used to visit Tel Aviv every weekend, and so did Israelis used to visit Qalqilya every weekend … If you ask any person in Qalqilya “do Israelis hate you?” they will say “NO!” It’s because of the connection between them…

Ramallah is a GREAT city, it’s a good peace project…

My hopes for the Palestinian state, is that all places in Palestine will be just like Ramallah and Beit Lahem (Bethlehem)… Palestinians will have the right to visit Islamic and Christian holy places in Jerusalem…. and I hope Palestinians and Israelis will be able to visit each others as easy as it was before this war …

So what about the two leading groups, Hamas and Fatah?

About Hamas and Fatah, I hate them both… Hamas are extremists and Fatah are corrupted (financially) … but I like Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad, they are brave, serious about peace, and they also seriously fight the financial corruption…

Do you think the Media have any role in the conflict?

The Media… GODAMMIT ,,, It causes all this hate, it feeds war, it doesn’t clear the point of views between Palestinians and Israelis …

So, what do you do in your spare time, when you don’t answer questions about the conflict:o)?

In my spare time, I play football almost every day, I read books, mostly philosophy and poetry, and I listen to music … I ADORE music 😉

SHALOM my friend 🙂

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